Andrea - Cake Pazazz Owner


Andrea has a natural gift for crafts of any kind. She began decorating cakes as a young girl through her mother’s influence. Years later she took several Wilton courses, and more recently, attended classes on the internet; and with practice, improved on her form and techniques.

Initially, she decorated cakes for birthdays, but now she has added Weddings, Showers, Anniversaries, Holidays, Graduations, and Reunions. She remains in the learning phase; as she continually strives to attain new techniques.

Below are some photos of cakes from the beginning years. Click on the images to enlarge them. For recent work please visit the Gallery.

Please Note: Andrea's beliefs disallow the creation of any cakes that are immoral. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Bassinet Cake shaped in the number 13 Bunny Cake Teddy Bear
Ninja Turtle Nintendo Lion King Christmas Cake